Pebble Proposal and McNeil River

For Friends of McNeil River the most concerning part of the Pebble Proposal is the industrial port proposed for Amakdedori Beach just outside the boundary of the Refuge and a road to transport materials from the mine site to Cook Inlet.

MCNEIL PROXIMITYAccording to the proposal (POA-2017-271, Section 18.2.2)  the Amakdedori site will:

  • “serve as the long-term logistics hub for the Project”
  • “will include shore-based facilities to receive and store shipping containers and fuel, as well as power generation equipment, a natural gas compressor station for the natural gas pipeline, maintenance facilities, employee accommodations, and offices.  A temporary airstrip…will be constructed adjacent to the port site for crew transportation during construction.”
  • “…a 50-foot-deep dredged channel and 1,200-foot-daimeter turning basin at the berth.  The dredged channel will follow a navigation route approximately 4.2 miles to reach naturally deep water.”
  •  “…up to 25 Handysize ships will be required annually for the transport of concentrate and up to 30 marine line-haul barge loads of supplies will be required annually.”
  • “All dredge material will be disposed of on uplands behind the marine terminal.  The estimated initial dredge volume is 10,000,000 cubic yards.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.43.06 AM

The access road (POA-2017-271, Section 18.2.3) will:

  • “have a 30-foot-wide top width…which will enable two-way traffic…”
  • “…begins at the Amakdedori Port north of where Amakdedori Creek meets Cook Inlet and extends northwest to the South Ferry Terminal at Iliamna Lake west of Kokhanok”

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